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This section lists Movies which may be downloaded to support the theme of “Peace and Prosperity, The Path”. The downloads each take between 3 and 18 minutes to complete, depending upon file size. There are 5 movies available, all created by the author in support of his book : A Beautiful Mind (With a Big Mouth?) which was published as a web-book in January of 2011 and is a free download here. Both the book and the movies represent 5 years of work by the author up to this point (9-30-13) to help our nation and the world recover from a takeover


Proof Driver KIlls JFK

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Quick review of the Kennedy Assassination John C. Dean 7/26/18 9 pgsSo who had motive? Kennedy had expressed his desire for mutual tolerance by the US and the USSR and was working with Khrushchev for nuclear test bans in June of 1963 with his speech at American University. He had a lot of background in Southeast Asia and sent his majority leader in the senate to take the pulse of the evolving democracy in South Vietnam. The report was that there was no growing democracy in South Vietnam. The leaders were simply using US funds for their own enrichment. The


Memorial notes from site author: John C. Dean

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52 years ago today it was 2 days before my 18th birthday, and a terrible thing happened: John Kennedy was killed in Dallas Texas. I felt sick, hurt, real sad. That weekend I cried when I saw JFK Jr’s little salute. I was a first year engineering student at UCSB coming out of my calculus 1 midterm exam and half way down the path from Cambell Hall to the Commons when I first got the news.My sadness slowly boiled into anger so that by Monday I was prepared to join the service and fight any foe that could have been


Memorial Day 2015

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by John C. Dean 5-25- 2015……for our fallen in war conflicts….may we start minimizing the numbers Click here to open The Meaning of Life These Days


Media Lies Continue on JFK Assassination

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I watched another JFK assassination program in the last couple of days, this one 2 hours long and on the Smithsonian channel, and I noticed many more lies attempting to turn the American people to an Oswald conviction while continuing to bury the truth.I don’t mind setting the record straight. Look for yourself, do a google search for Zapruder frames, costella combined edit. Look at Zapruder frame #285 all occupants look at JFK, see an injured president, and do not drive off to the hospital immediately in a hurry. Instead the driver and shotgun rider face front, while the driver


Shows keep up Oswald Myth 50 Years Later

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I’ve been watching the shows on TV in the last couple of weeks and the Oswald lies are still being pushed onto the people, as if he had been found guilty of the murder in a thorough criminal trial, where we all got to see all the evidence. Of Course that didn’t happen and the government hid the truth, altered the story, and withheld key evidence, like the Zapruder film for 12 years. They had already altered the body and started remaking the limo in the first three days, Then, a secretive and faulty documentation of evidence had been achieved


Welcome to a path to peace and prosperity

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This website is dedicated to documenting the evolution by the US away from peace and prosperity and identifying those changes needed to restore peace and prosperity. Peace and prosperity for the people at large were waylaid with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the start of the Vietnam war . The truth of this assassination points to a highly organized covert and ruthless conspiracy that took President Kennedy out, and installed a string of puppet presidents to do the bidding of the corporate elite in charge (from behind the scenes). Our nation evolved away from home production, and started


Traitorous US Government Officials continue to bankrupt the nation while war mongering to control world resources for private interests

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Since John F. Kennedy, only Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have served the interests of the majority of the American people, fulfilling the intent of the constitution for our nation as a nation of, by, and for its people. Johnson abetted the murder of JFK and led the cover-up by modifying the JFK body evidence and destroying JFK limousine evidence. His high level co-conspirator in the cover-up was FBI Chief, J. Edgar Hoover, who framed Oswald, a cover agent for the FBI and the CIA. Johnson and the CIA predisposed the Warren Commission to find Oswald as the lone assassin,