October 2013

Welcome to a path to peace and prosperity

Posted on October 13, 2013 by johncdean

This website is dedicated to documenting the evolution by the US away from peace and prosperity and identifying those changes needed to restore peace and prosperity.

Peace and prosperity for the people at large were waylaid with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the start of the Vietnam war . The truth of this assassination points to a highly organized covert and ruthless conspiracy that took President Kennedy out, and installed a string of puppet presidents to do the bidding of the corporate elite in charge (from behind the scenes). Our nation evolved away from home production, and started unsustainable government deficit spending, to amass a dangerously high national debt.This was all done to increase the profits of the ruling industries at the expense of the American people. They profited with cash now for moneys borrowed against the good credit of the US government and its people.

At this time we find ourselves underemployed with a shrinking middle class, a dysfunctional government and way overdone military industrial complex, with way too many worldwide commitments. To recover our nation, as it was intended to be, with inalienable rights supporting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while returning productivity to America and decreasing the tendency and availability of war, we need to compel change. The change is away from war and its products, and toward peace and prosperity, with a healthy economy for all the people/government.

First we learn the TRUTH about what’s happened/happening. Then we identify NEEDS to overcome the short comings. We flesh out the needs with FIXES that are proposed. We SHARE to boil out the agreed upon fixes. Then we UNITE and COMPEL the changes needed for recovery. This site identifies some of the truths, some of the needs and some proposed fixes, and its existence testifies to the author’s intent to share and coordinate to help the US recover.