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Posted on November 22, 2015 by johncdean

52 years ago today it was 2 days before my 18th birthday, and a terrible thing happened: John Kennedy was killed in Dallas Texas. I felt sick, hurt, real sad. That weekend I cried when I saw JFK Jr’s little salute. I was a first year engineering student at UCSB coming out of my calculus 1 midterm exam and half way down the path from Cambell Hall to the Commons when I first got the news.My sadness slowly boiled into anger so that by Monday I was prepared to join the service and fight any foe that could have been involved. If I had known at that time what I know today, I would have dropped out of school, and hunted GHW Bush, his father, and his son W and been dead before the age of 19, but perhaps with a better ending than what we’ve experienced since. Fair game would have included LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard M. Nixon, Allan Dulles, and many CIA, Secret Service, military, Dallas Police, and Mafia accomplices. We suffered a coup and LBJ enabled Vietnam while W arranged 911 to promote 2 more unjust wars. Deficit spending and printing money to pay off debt or buy more armed security is unsustainable and never should have started. (Thanks Ronald Reagan et al). We have yet to face the crash as world wealth has been manipulated into the hands of murderous crooks with incredible security systems.

Is anybody else thinking about what is needed to recover from this insanity?



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