Peace and Prosperity, the Path

Posted on April 20, 2019 by johncdean

The truth of the JFK assassination makes clear the evolution of the bogus wars, dysfunctional government (with its impending bankruptcy), and the bad economy, all caused by the controlling elite as part of their “New World Order”. There is no effective democracy as corporate money dominates the candidate selection process in the media.

The people must get smart, unite, and compel the changes needed to restore democracy, peace, and prosperity; or suffer the consequences of the downward spiral of our country and the world brought on by this evil controlling elite.

This website helps one get smart on what’s happened and what needs to be done to overcome this evil force. The sharing and uniting and compelling will be the next step after learning the truth, assessing the needs, and developing fixes. This website has to do with learning the truth, identifying the needs, and formulating fixes.