Media Lies Continue on JFK Assassination

Posted on November 9, 2014 by johncdean

I watched another JFK assassination program in the last couple of days, this one 2 hours long and on the Smithsonian channel, and I noticed many more lies attempting to turn the American people to an Oswald conviction while continuing to bury the truth.
I don’t mind setting the record straight.

Look for yourself, do a google search for Zapruder frames, costella combined edit. Look at Zapruder frame #285 all occupants look at JFK, see an injured president, and do not drive off to the hospital immediately in a hurry. Instead the driver and shotgun rider face front, while the driver turns around again and levels a 45 automatic on the president and blasts him in the head, while holding his foot on the brake pedal. In Z frame 318 you can see one frame of the retreat of this weapon, back to Mr. shotgun and into the glove compartment. Many frames are removed from the film at this point and throughout the ride (I estimate 3 out of 4) to speed up the action so you probably do not detect this happening unless you slow down the action and watch frame by frame. The weapon emerges in frames 303-307, the fatal shot is at 313 and the weapon retreat, at 318. You see the brake light on in the Nix film. The Secret Service conspired to kill the president, and Clint Hill, a Secret Service star in this television broadcast, doesn’t want the nation to know. He said that President Kennedy specifically ordered agents off the rear bumper stands (that’s a new lie). They were off because they blocked the view of several snipers to the rear in the assassination plan. He said Oswald’s palm print was on the murder weapon, a sextuple lie. Kennedy Was killed with a shot from the front (1). The Mannlicher Carcano rifle, the alleged murder weapon, was not sighted in that day (it had a missing shim under one of the scope supports causing the misalignment) (2). The Warren Commission proved in tests with 3 NRA masters that the weapon could not have been the murder weapon, even after alignment, and with the assumption that the target was not moving at all (3). Besides Oswald tested negative in the paraffin test for rifle use (4). Both of the Commission’s finger print experts (FBI and Dallas Police) said the palm print was illegible in their testimony (5). And the Commisssion withheld these facts from the summary to sustain an Oswald conviction (6). Wake up America, we’ve been duped for over 50 years.

The other new lies I noticed were about the confrontation between the Dallas County Coroner, Dr. Rose and the Secret Service at Parkland Hospital, the inference that Oswald alone fled the Texas School Book Depository after the assassination, and that a caller identified the suspect killer of Officer Tippit entering the Dallas movie theatre. The confrontation at Parkland featured the Secret Service drawing their weapons to get past the Coroner and his deputies (and not the playful passing identified in the Smithsonian show). There was no roll call at the Texas School Book Depository, and the building was not even sealed until 20 minutes after the assassination. Oswald hung around for 5 minutes before taking his “getaway bus.” Many others left the scene. Oswald was not singled out until the police raided the theater for unknown reasons. No witness to the Tippit shooting noticed Oswald entering the movie theater. These new lies are atrocious and obviously funded by those with knowledge of the truth who are continuing to hurt our country. America, beware. Smithsonian channel, shame on you!

After all of these years the crooks that run the world and the world’s media must reinforce their cover-up story to delay revolution long enough for them to advance their plans on the world population after having raped all of the countries’ treasuries around the world, helped themselves to world resources at the expense of the planet’s health, and butchered the economy of the middle class. See the 50th anniversary movie segments on this site, pay heed, download the book and all movies and absorb. We need to fight back to regain a more decent , fair, and survivable world. Respect all life. Fight for what is right.



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