Shows keep up Oswald Myth 50 Years Later

Posted on November 22, 2013 by johncdean

I’ve been watching the shows on TV in the last couple of weeks and the Oswald lies are still being pushed onto the people, as if he had been found guilty of the murder in a thorough criminal trial, where we all got to see all the evidence. Of Course that didn’t happen and the government hid the truth, altered the story, and withheld key evidence, like the Zapruder film for 12 years. They had already altered the body and started remaking the limo in the first three days, Then, a secretive and faulty documentation of evidence had been achieved (The Warren Report). This was done in the first year. So, pass the word to broadcast Oswald’s innocence . He was just a patsy like he said, and crooks and murderers took over the US for the benefit of big business, and not the people. To this day they still continue to muscle their control of the lies in the media.



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