August 6, 2018

Proof Driver KIlls JFK

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Quick review of the Kennedy Assassination John C. Dean 7/26/18 9 pgs
So who had motive?

Kennedy had expressed his desire for mutual tolerance by the US and the USSR and was working with Khrushchev for nuclear test bans in June of 1963 with his speech at American University. He had a lot of background in Southeast Asia and sent his majority leader in the senate to take the pulse of the evolving democracy in South Vietnam. The report was that there was no growing democracy in South Vietnam. The leaders were simply using US funds for their own enrichment. The French had sent 250,000 troops there and lost in their bid to control that area. Kennedy was wise to sign a National Security Memorandum the month before he was killed to start bringing troops home and complete the withdrawal within a year and a half. Also Kennedy did not support the CIA war to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. He righteously wouldn’t provide air support for the invasion as that would be an unprovoked act of war. Nixon had started that planning as VP under Eisenhower and had it ready to spring into action in early 1961 (on Kennedy). When they went ahead with it as a covert act, Kennedy blamed the CIA and fired the Director, Allen Dulles, and General Cabel in charge of their air force. JFK was going to cut out the military segment of the CIA (dirty tricksters) in his 2nd term, and reduce them to information gathering only.

So the CIA wanted him dead.

CIA agent GHW Bush was given a property on an island north of Cuba by a brother “bonesman” to operate his Zapata Oil Drilling business as a front for sabotage invasions of Cuba by small groups. Jack Ruby ran guns to him there. The boats used for the Bay of pigs invasion were named the Barbara” (GHW’s wife) , The ” Zapata” (GHW’s oil business), and the “Houston” ( big oil capitol). GHW Bush was a big honcho in the Bay of Pigs. His daddy, Prescott Bush, funded Nixon into politics after Nixon answered his ad for a malleable attorney interested in politics so tricky dick did their bidding. And he lost to Kennedy. So the Bushes wanted JFK dead and Richard Nixon wanted him dead.

And Castro was afraid and asked for nuclear missiles from the USSR following the Bay of Pigs. Then Kennedy had to face the Cuban missile crisis. The Joint Chiefs wanted to make a first strike nuclear assault on the USSR, claiming only 30 million civilian casualties in the US. Kennedy left the meeting and initiated private communications with Khrushchev for a peaceful settlement. The military saw JFK as soft on communism. We can think of him as saving the lives of 30 million Americans.
So the military wanted him gone.
And JFK saw the depletion allowance for big oil as unfair to all other US industry and was going to cut it. Oil companies in the US would lose $ billions a year in untaxed profits with this action.
So big oil wanted him dead.
Private banking of the US thru use of the privately owned Fed was not JFK’s idea for the nation. He wanted the nation to have a national government owned bank. This would eliminate private profiteering of the nation’s assets.
So Big banking wanted him dead.
Brother Bobbie, as Attorney General went to war on the mafia, so they wanted to cut off the head of the serpent who was after them, Bobby’s older brother, JFK.
So the mafia wanted JFK dead.

They got a spot in the Dal Tex Building, where the first shots were fired.

FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, was non-combatant with the mafia and big oil, and he enjoyed their perks. But he had tapes of JFK’s liaisons with other women, so JFK had to keep him for his 1st term. And Hoover wanted his job for life & was a neighbor and close friend of LBJ. Johnson got the call to be JFK’s VP because he had the goods on JFK on his extramarital affairs, through his friend, Hoover.
So Hoover’s FBI wanted him dead.

Johnson got his seat in the senate in 1948 with murder and voting fraud. He proceeded to take over the Senate and the House with his friend Bobbie Baker, who had the girls and the parties and the junkets to give LBJ leverage. Johnson took bribes laundered through Cliff Carter for political favors. He received campaign funds and personal wealth through his friends in big oil (Clint Murchison) and the defense industry in Texas (Brown & Brown). Johnson could not out shine Kennedy, so he had one chance to become president
He wanted JFK dead in his first term so he could ascend.

The Secret Service was peopled with racial bigots and JFK was sponsoring Equal Rights legislation. Also the guys didn’t like pulling overtime for JFK’s affairs, as they all respected the First Lady, especially Bill Greer, an Irish protestant driver for the White House. He saw JFK as a stuff shirt New England Playboy with no morals. Bill was ripe for the picking. He knew of the First Lady’s strife, first hand. He could help free her from this embarrassment of a husband.

The Secret Service directly caused JFK’s murder,
The driver killed the president, aided by right front seat (JFK’s body guard).

Dallas Law Enforcement and City Hall supported the assassination with 2 shooters and freeway sign removal (with bullet hole evidence) for the cover-up

While planning the Bay of Pigs invasion Nixon worked with the CIA to develop hit squads to kill Castro, involving mafia and CIA trained cuban refugee shooters from the invasion force. Frank Fiorini, an American military fortune hunter who helped Castro came back to the US and the CIA to help train exiled cubans for the invasion and for assassination duties. He took the name Frank Sturgis. E Howard Hunt, CIA hitman, worked with Nixon on the Bay of Pigs training and assembly of assassination squads, allegedly meant for Fidel Castro, along with the new member Frank Sturgis. But Kennedy won the presidency, and the poorly planned Bay of Pigs invasion, was a massive failure (which gave the Bushes & Nixon the excuse they needed to rile up the Cuban assassins against Kennedy). After all he didn’t provide US air support for the CIA invasion and meant to dismantle the CIA in his second term (so they couldn’t create their little wars (that went against US “foreign policy”)).

So the CIA especially wanted him dead. And they had superior strength with respect to the FBI and the Secret Service

LBJ and the Texas team led by his attorney, Ed Clark got into full swing to assemble Texas support for the assassination using Mac Wallace, LBJ’s hitman, as the scenario planner/shooter. Dallas Police, Sheriff , and Mayor (the brother of General Cabel who Kennedy sacked) fell in line with at least 3 Dallas shooters (2 of which were law enforcement). The Secret Service participated heavily. H.L Hunt, a racist bigot from Texas and the richest man in the world at that time, and billionaire, Howard Hughes, both hated JFK and could provide funding for the project from both sides: the Texas side and the Nixon/CIA /cuban hit squads/ mafia (Howard Hughes) side. Robert Mahieu, a Texas Congressman, was the bagman (carried the money) for Hughes. Nixon channeled the moneys to E. Howard Hunt, who was the on site paymaster for the JFK assassination in Dallas.

Frank Sturgis loaded up two station wagons with men and weapons and Marita Lorenz, another CIA recruit, and ex-girl friend of Fidel Castro and went to Dallas from Miami before the assassination. When they arrived Frank told her what the plan was, and she bailed and left town on a flight on the 21st of November, 1963. She was later the key witness for the defense of a magazine that E. Howard Hunt sued for slander for identifying him as being in Dallas for the assassination. She witnessed him giving out envelopes of money to the men involved in the assassination in Dallas, including Jack Ruby. Defense attorney, Mark Lane, the first major JFK conspiracy author, won the case for the magazine, which he details in his 2nd book “Plausible Denial”, based upon Marita’s deposition in the trial, and with the help of the CIA, which issued a letter identifying Hunt’s whereabouts on that date. Hunt had black mailed Nixon for $2Million when he needed money later and Nixon had to pay or be spot lighted for the JFK murder, but the CIA got even with Hunt for this behavior in the trial of Hunt’s case against the magazine. Here’s the layout for the assassination.

Layout of Dealey Plaza for the JFK Assassination

John Dean has studied this off and on for 10 years. He holds a Master of Science from Cal Tech, 1968 MSEE, and a BSEE from UCSB High Honors 1967. He was a Captain in the Air Force ’68-’72, honorable, and considers himself a man of God. The affect that this assassination had on the US was profound. Wars started with LBJ and bad economy with runaway deficit spending started with Reagan, which has destroyed the middle class and placed the lower 55% of American workers below subsistence levels and in the need of some government aid. See John C. Dean’s book, “A Beautiful Mind (with a Big Mouth?)” a free download on free . Do an author search under my name and it will bring up the book for download. It may also be downloaded from this web site.The book is evidence of the degradation of life caused by the leaders who followed JFK and offers John’s ideas for recovery to stimulate a better US system design than “trickle down”. John tracked all of the known shots fired in the plaza that day and has a sequence of shooters and firing positions based on observed bullet hit points. He measured distances from a scaled map of Dealey Plaza with height information derived from Don Roberdeau’s annotated map of the plaza. He charted JFK’s path thru the plaza with two stops and swaying caused by his driver who ended up stopping and firing on the president from point blank range to kill him. While lots of photos and films were taken of the event the government went about collecting all of the film, which they altered or destroyed or kept in the name of national security, actually murder conspiracy security.

The Warren Commission was a ruse, and not an investigation into the assassination of JFK. They used what Hoover provided and ignored all other reports, testimony, evidence, etc. supporting Oswald. They had to manufacture false evidence to support their conclusions. Key members of the commission included the previous Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, who JFK fired for reason; many conservative members, and Congressman Gerald Ford (Nixon campaign manager and friend). Ford lied on the final report by changing the position of JFK’s back wound to the neck several inches above to enable correlation to their magic bullet theory, which was still impossible even with this lie. Basically Hoover and Johnson covered up the murder with false evidence and elimination of evidence. Hoover controlled the evidence and created what he didn’t have and ignored exonerating evidence (Oswald’s test for firing a rifle proved negative) and Oswald being witnessed on the 2nd floor calmly drinking a coke 90 seconds after the shooting, with too much for him to do, to arrive and be calmly breathing without sweating while sipping on a coke when officer Baker (with his gun out) and Roy Truly (the building superintendent) met him in the lunch room, and then released him as Roy vouched for his employment there. He couldn’t reasonably be the shooter. He wasn’t on the 6th floor. And he won “Maggie’s drawers” in the Marine Corp, with laughable shooting range performance.

Then LBJ stole the body away from the Dallas County Coroner to have it altered in the Wash D.C. area, and had the Limo wiped down at Parkland and totally rebuilt at Ford starting 2 days later to eliminate limo crime scene evidence. While Parkland Hospital witnessed the president shot from the front in the right forehead with a gaping 2″X3″ hole in the lower right rear of JFK’s head. He also had a neat 4mm round entry hole in the middle of his throat just below his Adams apple and a neat 4 X 7mm back entry wound just to the right of his third thoracic vertebrae, (undetected at Parkland). Walter Reed Hospital in Wash D.C, bashed in his head, cut open his scalp and removed bone, scalp, and brain, leaving a huge gaping wound, 3 times bigger than that witnessed at Parkland. The body was then rushed to Bethesda for a totally botched autopsy. Mark Lane’s 1st book Rush to Judgment ,1966, rip sawed the Warren report, a dummy investigation into the death of a US president. Lyndon Johnson set up the investigation and chose the members of the commission. Since that time private research has basically solved the crime over and over and found tons of conspiracy facts, while programs on TV show the Oswald conclusion 19 out of 20 programs to brain wash the public with their lies, and this has taken place over the last 54 years, more than once annually. They always call the information supporting a conspiracy part of a theory rather than what it is: conspiracy fact.

Dean got into it very late (in retirement in 2008) when a friend lent his copy of Best Evidence, by David Lifton, and within 1 hour of reading John was convinced that his nation had been hood winked bigtime, and that we were under some body else’s control, not a real democracy. Nixon’s patrons (the Bush family) had stolen the country’s power base, and two of their own have become presidents. Ike was talked into using Nixon as his running mate by Prescott Bush, GHW’s father, and a senator in his own right. Ford wrote the lie that upheld the erroneous Oswald conclusion to the Warren Report. So Nixon got Spiro Agnew to resign; then appointed Gerald Ford his Vice President, and bingo; when the heat comes down, Gerry the conspiratorial liar becomes president and what does he do? He gives Nixon a presidential pardon, allowing a criminal to go free and untried. Then he makes GHW Bush, CIA Director, when Bush contends not to have any experience in the CIA. Bull, he ran a sabotage operation out of his Zapata works on a nearby island, doing his CIA secret war stuff (with support from Jack Ruby who ran weapons for him, the same Jack Ruby that worked for Nixon as a private detective in the late 40s when he was a congressman). So our little family of the Bushes, Nixon, Ford, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Jack Ruby, and carloads of Cubans (who hated JFK) and weapons all descend on Dallas for the big hit on JFK. Then later GHW Bush, CIA Director, is Reagan’s VP, and Reagan is shot by a Bush family friend.

A party was held on the evening of 21 November at Clint Murchesons house near Dallas, where J. Edgar Hoover, GHW Bush, Richard Nixon, and LBJ had a meeting late, and LBJ emerged yelling to his mistress, Madeleine Brown, that “those SOBs wouldn’t embarrass him any more after tomorrow and that was a promise”. The assassination was on for the next day and all the men there had prior knowledge, and became guilty of the murder of JFK just like the trigger men as soon as the deed was done. The Murchesons partied for a week. The chauffeur and maid and Madeleine confirmed who was in attendance. John Dean’s shot map of the plaza on that fateful day follows on the next page.

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