This section lists Movies which may be downloaded to support the theme of “Peace and Prosperity, The Path”. The downloads each take between 3 and 18 minutes to complete, depending upon file size. There are 5 movies available, all created by the author in support of his book : A Beautiful Mind (With a Big Mouth? which was published as a web-book in January of 2011 and is a free download here. Both the book and the movies represent 5 years of work by the author up to this point (9-30-13) to help our nation and the world recover from a takeover by the covert monolithic conspiracy referenced by JFK in his last days. This highly organized and covert conspiracy killed him and established rule in the US. In it’s evolution it has eroded peace and prosperity for the US and the world at large over the last 50 years. It is the author’s opinion that the people must unite behind the truth and compel the dissolution of this conspiracy, now more than 50 years in progress, in order to regain peace and prosperity for the world at large.

Peace and Prosperity of JFK  Returns after 50 years              50 min  mature

Kennedy Peace Model 8-4-2012       20 min

Killers and Motives         17 min

JFK Assassination 11-18-12            1 hour, 2 min  mature

Way to Achieve Peace 9-14-12                  40 min

5 thoughts on “Movies/Book

  1. John Post author

    Peter…. thanks for your comments. Yeah I was happily surprised that the Times put my ad right below a major front page story continuation. Stay in touch and spread the word. Check out the movie clips for the 50th anniv movie listed to view. It does take at least 50 minutes to tell the briefest of summaries of the take over of the US and what needs to be done to correct it, in my opinion. Get smart and pass it on so we can develop a large body of truth tellers to eventually compel change back to a democracy of by and for the people.

  2. peter

    I saw your ad at the bottom of the L.A. Times story about the 13 bilion dollar settlement JP Morgan reached eith the government over thier part in the 2008 economic meltdown which many are still feeling today. All part of the orchestrated redistibution of wealth that occured. Your ad was placed in the perfect spot on 11-20-2013 in the L.A. Times.

  3. John

    I am the author of this site. I started studying the JFK assassination in 2008 and was sucked in, within the first hour of reading “Best Evidence” by David Lifton. I realized that I and the rest of the world had fallen asleep on the pursuit of justice in the JFK case. I discovered a bunch of familiar names closely connected to the assassination in my subsequent research: Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, G.H.W Bush, the CIA, and the military industrial complex, big oil, and big banking. My book,”A Beautiful Mind (With a Big Mouth?)” lists many references and gives summaries for other reading. I am certain that it was a coup against Kennedy and his peace and prosperity platform, and for having represented the people, instead of self serving business interests. The system that has evolved “New World Order” is only in the service of the elite crooks who run it. In order to recover from this takeover, we need to get smart, identify our needs, propose fixes, share, unite, and finally compel the change, preferably by peaceful revolution. { I’ve sent my book to congress and the white house. I’ve informed the justice department, lots of the news media, Veterans For Peace, over the last 3 years. I met with my congressman; all to no avail. For 50 years they haven’t fixed the problem for us.}. I hope this website can stimulate our unification and give us the energy to compel change for the better.


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